Flash 11 Stage3D Scandyna test lab

This is a 3D test i did in Flash player 11 pre-beta (Molehill incubation build) from a model we used in another project, the model is not optimized for runtime rendering and consist of nearly 90.000 polygons - in this lab you can zoom in and out of the model, rotate it and change colors and shine with keyboard controls

*NEW* - LIVE version running in flash player 11 on Stage3D - done with Adobe Proscenium: http://thonbo.com/test/Stage3DSpeaker/bin-release/Stage3DSpeaker.html
 - be patient - heavy loadtime - totally unoptimized hi-polygon model around 90.000 polygons
old test - was done with Away3D 4.0 - in incubator beta test of flash player 11
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